Your brand in Europe

欢迎您, 中国

Europe is a gigantic market open to technology. It is eagerly awaiting Chinese innovations and exciting new products that will enrich the brand diversity in Europe. We are happy to support you with our core competence: optimal branding for effective visibility in a whole new market.

Why do you need us?

You have a brand, a company or a product with which you would like to gain a foot in Europe? You want to open up new business areas and distribute your brand/product in Europe? Then you have come to the right place. Because we develop the appropriate brand positioning and marketing strategy especially for your needs. We make sure that your marketing measures fit the needs of the European target group and that your brand is represented in the best possible way. We always consider the core of your brand and the requirements of the European target group.

Every idea is valuable because it has the potential to change the world. We give you the answer if your vision has what it takes.

We are not a management consultancy. We are not an incubator or other start-up consultancy. Our work starts before and it helps you to set the course for the right marketing strategy.

What we offer

As your consultants, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from years of experience in marketing. We help you to develop the perfect marketing strategy for your company or brand and to bring it successfully to European market.

What we do

We advise you from A to Z in order to bring a successful product on the way. We are at your side with words and actions and work with you to develop the perfect marketing strategy for your brand.

Why we

Whatever service you would like us to provide, we always work according to the APIM principle: checking and analyzing specifications, planning, implementing and monitoring strategies. We would be happy to explain to you exactly what this means.

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Idea: Start your business

You have an idea and firmly believe in its success? That is already half the battle for a successful business. But first you should think about what your start-up or company should stand for. Your business strategy will help you to structure yourself from the beginning and to create a long-term plan of action.

Position: Analyze your business

You have founded a company and know exactly what you want to offer? Your business purpose is clear and your goals anyway? Then now is the time to get an overview of your chances on the market. This concerns your competitors as well as your customers. The right derivations from analyses are the best basis for this.

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Plan: Align your business

Your corporate strategy is in place. Congratulations! You have positioned yourself in theory and analyzed your market. Now it’s all about deriving the right concepts to implement your strategy. And of course within the scope of your possibilities. Based on your strategy we create the right marketing concepts – digital and analog – and make sure that you become unique.

Implementation: shaping your business

After all the theory, now it’s time for the implementation. Hurray! The concepts are now being implemented in the form of tangible materials. Your logo, your website, your social media presence, your guidelines… in short: your corporate design and everything that goes with it. Together with our partners, we provide for an adequate visualization and the perfect appearance of your business.

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